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Tailored Service

Latin Link was founded and developed by a group of linguists and scientists dedicated to providing outstanding linguistic services to the scientific and technical sectors. Based in the UK, with production arms both in Latin America and in Europe we can provide you with outstanding customer service, reliability and quality all at an affordable price. Our distributed production team allows us to maintain production across extended time zones, allowing us to keep costs down, meet deadlines and all the while utilizing specialist translators.

Founded on expertise in Latin America we have since developed into a translation agency that can provide translation services into all European languages. If you are conducting clinical trials in Argentina, are launching a product in France or require translation services of any kind, please contact us and we would be delighted to assist you in crossing the linguistic and cultural barriers that exist between you and a successful global expansion.


Reliable quality, every time. Due to our hand picked team and established quality control processes.


Translation can only be perfected through experience, that is why all our team have a minimum of four years industry experience.


You can only work with what you understand, that is why we work with specialists who translate only into their knowledge area.


Reliable and no-nonsense attitude towards deadlines. We are on time, every time. Allowing you to be as well.

Dedicated Team

Our linguistic expertise and management structure has allowed us to provide quality translation services for an extensive range of sectors and therapy areas. We have grown from Latin American specialists into a translation agency that can confidently deliver a wide range of services, now providing translation services into all European languages. We have developed quality control and production processes that our hand-picked and experienced team adhere to. The result is our ability to deliver reliable quality. We only translate what we understand, which is why we only work with European/American language pairs as we have in house expertise to monitor quality.

The translation industry is expanding, facilitating globalised trade, however, there are an increasing number of translation agencies that lack the linguistic expertise and production knowledge that puts Latin Link ahead of the competition in terms of price and quality. We believe that as a translation service provider we are often delivering a product not understood by the customer, it is our responsibility to represent your business responsibly by only allowing the delivery of a translation that does your business the justice it deserves.