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Argentina and Brazil are the only South American countries included in the G20 grouping of economic powers, and boasts both a strong domestic industrial base and a richness of natural resources. Tourism is also a key source of income for the nation: capital city Buenos Aires is Latin America’s most visited city, while the waterfalls at Iguazu were named in 2011 as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world and attract over 1 million visitors per year.

After suffering a devastating financial crisis and debt default in 2001, Argentina has rebuilt and posted encouraging growth figures for the 12 years that followed, as first President Nestor Kirchner and later wife and successor Cristina attempted to put their country back into a stable footing.

Latin Link has been rendering translation services for Argentinian Spanish for a number of years. The region is well known to be the hub of Latin American Spanish due to its strong education, literary and scientific past.

Argentinian Spanish was greatly influenced by the Italian immigration to Argentina. The result is an oral Spanish very different from that in the rest of Latin America and that of Spain. The number of Spanish speakers in Argentina is greater than 25,000,000, with its main population centering around the capital Buenos Aires.

The more colloquial or less technical a text may be, the more these subtle differences become important within the text.

Common expressions from Argentina, are often used subtly even in higher level documentation.

In order for a Spanish localization to Argentina to be effective, it must be localized by native experts. If you are translating, Informed Consent Forms, Clinical Trials Materials or Marketing Collateral it is important that your message is conveyed in the most effective manner through a well researched and ‘local’ localization.


If you are looking for translation services for Argentina or to localize documents to this region, please contact us  in order to see how our dedicated Argentinian experts can help you reach this new market. Our team handles a range of clinical/technical and non-specialist documentation to Argentina on a daily basis, and would be delighted to assist you with your localization needs.

The Latin American market is expanding rapidly, and in order to successfully access this market professional, dedicated and specialized professionals are needed. Our team understands what is required, for successful translation and communication to Argentina.


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