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Brexit: Changing Tide or British Blip

An international hum of languages, translators, clients, currencies and ideas; you can almost hear the 400MB/s connection squeal as global business is squeezed though the tiny cables in our London office.

But this year the UK decided that the inexorable march of capitalism towards globalization should be halted, or at least questioned.

Running a translation company in London now feels a little like an oxymoron, as the nucleus capital is dragged out of the EU by its motherland England.

Inclusion will be more important than ever if we are to form a cohesive society, communication at its core, understanding its central mission.

We can only continue in our goal to facilitate global communication and culture. And without judgement continue to promote our values of acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

The translation industry plays an important role at this moment in time, helping institutions, nations and companies to better understand each other and interact.

London is still in the continent of Europe, we are still one of the most multicultural cities in the world, unparalleled education and work ethic and now even more reasonably priced to international clients.

By continuing our work, promoting inclusion, and communicating better to all those around us, we hope to help make this a blip on the road to togetherness, rather than the start of a historic change in political tide.

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