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Latin America And The Translation Industry

Latin America has had its fair share of recent economic, political and social crises the population in general are used to the odd economic downturn or a change in government. When the economic crisis hit Europe and North America, the population were not prepared nor for that matter used to such times of austerity. This means that Latin Americans could be said to be more passive about what happened to the world economy and far less threatened than people in Europe and North America. Latin America is also one step removed from the interconnected and close-knit western economies meaning that the impact and effects of the global economic crisis took longer to appear within some Latin American countries.


Growth Of Translation Services In Latin America

Although the region is classed as a developing continent, many of the nations such as Brazil, Colombia and Chile are making progress to enter the big league as developed nations. As the region attracts more attention and investment from more developed countries such as the United States and China, translation and the breaking down of borders has been vital to Latin America’s development. South America is currently third in the world after Europe and North America for the number of translation associations. As a result of the economy downturn, many Western businesses attempting to expand in previously untapped markets has resulted in a rise in the need of Latin American translations for legal and business documents.

Translation Industries That Have Gained From Foreign Investment

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, ‘Latin America And Clinical Research: From Regulations To Opportunities’  the medical industry within Latin America is on the rise, attracting some of the largest pharmaceutical and clinical research companies in the world. In order to be successful in such a marketplace where the majority of the population are naive to certain pharmaceutical products means that a professional translation service is vital to their success within their new marketplace.

With a multicultural society Latin American countries play host to a large immigrant population. This has seen a popular field of translation within official government documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates. As businesses look to move personnel and their service operations to Latin American, the need for Visas that require the translation of legal documents and educational diplomas and records has seen a significant rise within South American host countries. Private industries have also recently expanded into new markets such as South America due to the attractive entry schemes put in place by the governments. With the need for translation companies and localised services to bring the new products and services to new customers, has seen an increase in this form of translation.

The Importance Of Professional Translation Services

The increase of cross-border, cross-continent activity has resulted in a rise in the need of professional translation services whether for marketing, legal or multilingual SEO purposes. Although some companies turn to and give into the lure of automatic, online translation tools, the personalised, professional and accurate professional translation companies along with their localised services and knowledge will always reign over them. Latin America and the translation industry is on the rise and with accurate and professional human translation services, companies looking to ride the wave of success experienced in Latin America should support and pay careful attention to the human professional translation of their business needs.