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The Importance Of Brazilian Portuguese

For many years Brazil has be known to many economists as the world’s sleeping giant, although possessing an abundance of resources it has traditionally seen sluggish growth. After years of battling with corruption, dictators, inflation, unrest and social inequality the country has begun to get these factors under control and the result has been a substantial increase in living standards over the last 10 years.


Brazil has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies, next to the unstable and low growth western regions of Europe and America Brazil with its 9% growth Brazil has become an attractive investment possibility as the property industry, agricultural and service sectors are booming.

Portuguese is the official language in 9 countries however Brazil with its dominant diverse population of 200,000,000 is where the majority of the world’s Portuguese speakers reside. According to UNESCO Portuguese is the fastest growing European Languages after English with the greatest growth potential being in Latin America but also Africa.

One of the theories behind Brazil’s current boom is its similarity to the USA. They are two super-sized almost continent sized countries with diverse populations similarly divided into states with their own unique characteristics and economies. However the greatest similarity is a cultural propensity to consume and spend this is having powerful manifestations as the average income per person increases.

With a current GDP of $2,517 trillion it is ranked as the world’s 6th largest economy but with a low per capita income of just $ 12,916 there is still substantial inequality but also plenty of room for further growth. If companies are looking to access this ever more important market then effective Brazilian Portuguese Translation services are essential as it is well know that European Portuguese is less well received.

It is worth noting that it is virtually impossible for a native speaker of one variety to do a professional translation into another dialect, although there are those that announce themselves as capable of doing so. It will always be picked up by the reader.

With Brazilian Portuguese becoming the standard international Portuguese coupled with the boom period that Brazil is in the importance of this language in the modern economy is only set to grow.