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The Importance Of Medical Translation Today

As the world shrinks thanks to developments in technology and greater availability of low cost travel options, the world is as small as it has ever been. Within the healthcare and medical industry, this shrinking has created a number of opportunities for people to now receive medical care and treatment in other countries. Whether it is treatment that is not available in their home country, receiving care whilst on holiday or looking for medical surgery options abroad; the need for medical translation has never been so important.

What Is Medical Translation?

Along with the benefits of medical tourism come a variety of challenges, in particular the language barrier. Most of the medical translations performed are for new medicines, clinical trials, general medical information, and medical devices. Medical document translation is necessary in order for medical professionals to provide the necessary care and treatment to patients who speak another language. It is important for healthcare professionals to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with their patients no matter what language they speak. Another area where medical translation is important is in reviewing medical histories in order for the patient to receiving an accurate and safe medical service. Having access to a competent translator to help explain or translate medical histories, the patient’s discomfort or test result charts is extremely important. During the medical treatment process, a patient will also be subject to signing a number of documents. It is important that these documents are professionally translated or a professional medical translator is made available so that the patient knows what they are actually signing and putting their name to as it may cause some unforeseen costs. Cases also arise when it is necessary for medical documents to receive a certified translation. For example in some legal proceedings medical records may be called upon as evidence in the case and will only be considered as evidence upon receiving a certified translation.

Medical Translation In The European Union

Aside from making a medical device or information available to a wider market and ensuring medical professionals and patients understand how to use a drug or medical device, there are many legal reasons for acquiring medical translation services. Several European Union laws concerning medicines as well as different types of medical devices and diagnostic tests explicitly specify what information needs to be made available to users. Within the European Union, it is required by law to translate this information into the official languages of the countries where the product is going to be sold. If this translation does not take place, the medicine or medical device cannot be legally sold in that country, making a professional medical translation the only option.

Importance Of Professional Medical Translation

The need for a quality and professional human medical translation is integral to the healthcare and medical industry and now that medical tourism and the internet play a central role in our lines, it cannot be overlooked. With the translation of medical documents, there are a number of benefits to both healthcare professionals and the patients they treat. As a result of this, doctors and nurses will become better informed about their foreign patients if for example they have access to their translated healthcare records. The patient also benefits as they are made aware of the details regarding any medical procedure or care that needs to be taken.

Benefits Of Professional Human Medical Translation

As with any other document and medical translation, the smallest mistake can change the whole meaning and in some cases may be dangerous. Within the pharmaceutical industry, a professional medical translation is today more important than ever before. With pharmaceutical products from developed countries entering developing country markets and vice versa, a small mistake such as medication dosage and allergies can lead to serious consequences. For this reason it is extremely important for pharmaceutical and medical companies to obtain medical translations by professional linguists who are experts in the field of medical translation. In many instances a certified translation by a qualified professional may even be a non-negotiable requirement. Healthcare translation often involves medical and technical terms not known by the average layman and therefore the general public does not have much of a reference when it comes to medical terminology. Such life-threatening mistakes can be avoided with the use of professional medical document translators who are fluent in the medical terminology and in the source and target languages.

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