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Portuguese Translation


Portuguese is not just spoken in Portugal, but is natively spoken by more than 210 million people worldwide in Brazil and a number of African nations. Identified as one of ten languages most important to the United Kingdom’s future by the British Council’s Languages for the Future Report, Portuguese is one of the most important languages in the world for business and communications. As the third most spoken language in Europe, the most spoken language in South America and an official language of the European Union and Mercosul, there is a growing need for having documents and communications professionally translated into Portuguese. Brazil is one of the most important emerging markets in the world and business opportunities in the country and region are continuing to grow. With one of the fastest growing middle-classes in Latin America and a strong consumerist society, the purchasing power of Brazil’s population is set to increase.

As the United States’ second largest trading partner in Latin America, Brazil is also the largest economy in South America and the second in Latin America thanks to its rich raw materials. Brazil’s abundance of natural resources and biological diversity has resulted in it being considered as one of the most important in the world for the sciences and clinical research.

The demand for Portuguese is set to grow as Brazil continues to develop, with Brazilian Portuguese unlocking a valuable side of Latin America and numerous business and communication opportunities.


The importance of accurate and clear communication in Portuguese is a growing requirement for businesses looking to expand in emerging markets. A professional and concise Portuguese translation is more important than ever, presenting a world of opportunities for businesses seeking to expand on an international scale.


When processing translation projects the following is a requirement for all Latin Link assignments:

1. Native to Portugal/Brazil

2. 4 years professional translation experience

3. A real subject matter focus, built up over a number of years.

4. Impeccable attention to detail

5. IT skills to facilitate Computer Aided Translation tool use and therefore client cost efficiency


Professional Portuguese translation services are essential for medical and pharmaceutical companies looking to expand in the emerging market of Brazil. Brazil is attracting a large number of clinical trials and the launch of new aesthetic treatments for the rapidly growing cosmetic market. However, it is important to know that just as there are differences between American English and British English, there are significant differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal. The localisation of Brazilian Portuguese is therefore important to meet the demand of the growing Brazilian market and to ensure that the style, syntax and terminology are correct for the target audience.  At Latin Link, we only use native translators so that the translated text reads as well as the original whether it is for audiences in Brazil, Portugal, Africa or Portuguese speakers within the United States and Europe.