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Spanish Translation


Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide making it one of the most important and fastest growing languages in the world for business and communications. As the official language of 21 countries and the third most spoken language in the world, demand for having documents and communications professionally translated into Spanish is growing. This is especially true as the economies of Latin America continue to go from strength to strength and the purchasing power of its growing middle-class continues to increase.

Latin America is rich in raw materials and its growing economy especially due to the service sector is helping the Spanish language to spread worldwide. The world’s Spanish speakers make up a group of consumers that businesses can no longer ignore. Recently, companies in the United States, the European Union and China are showing strong interest in Spanish-speaking markets by increasing investment in Spain and Latin America.

While the English language has historically been the international language of business and communication, Spanish has become an obligatory second language in the business world. The United Nations predicts that due to population and economic growth, Spanish could be regarded as equally as important as English in the not so distant future.


Today, clear communication and accurate Spanish translation is a growing basic requirement for all businesses. A professional and concise Spanish translation is more important than ever, presenting exponential opportunities for business on an international scale.

When processing translation projects the following is a requirement for all Latin Link assignments:

1. Native to Spain/Latin America

2. 4 years professional translation experience

3. A real subject matter focus, built up over a number of years.

4. Impeccable attention to detail

5. IT skills to facilitate Computer Aided Translation tool use and therefore client cost efficiency


By 2050, it is predicted that Spanish speakers will account for 30% of the population of the United States. The need for professional Spanish translation services for medical and pharmaceutical companies looking to expand in the United States and Spanish-speaking markets has never been so important. With medicine being discovered and developed in Spanish-speaking markets, high quality medical translation is essential for UK, US and EU practitioners and patients. This is also true of medical advances in English-speaking countries that are looking to reach the growing and densely populated Spanish-speaking markets.

Due to the continuous evolution of Spanish, the 21 Spanish-speaking countries each have their own dialects and nuances that are important to understand when looking to enter a native Spanish speaking market. Translating Spanish needs localising even if the business is already operating in a Spanish-speaking market so that communication is not hindered. At Latin Link we only use native translators so that the text reads as well as the original whether it is for audiences in Latin America, Spain or, the United States.

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