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Business Links in Latin America


Whether you are looking to start up a new business or venture, or hoping to expand an existing product into new markets, local contacts can be of great aid. Networking in an unfamiliar region can provide the local knowledge and expertise necessary to make your idea a success, and take the first steps to establishing yourself as a business.

For that reason, Latin Link has taken the time to bring together contact details for various diverse organisations in South America, based both in Europe as well as on the ground throughout the continent. This list is not exhaustive, and will be kept up to date with new links as well as more country-specific information according to where you want to do business.


Latin American Network Information Center – LANIC – Gateway to many Latin American sites, arranged by subject, including business and education links, language courses etc.

Electronic Network for Latin American Careers and Employment – ENLACE – job and internship site for Latin America. British embassies in South America could be a source of information.

The Latin American countries’ Embassy/Consultate/High Commission in the UK may have details of trade links, media sources, associations and professional bodies.

The Chambers of Commerce can also offer potential leads of companies that could have vacancies or could be approached speculatively. The British Chambers of Commerce website lists international chambers of commerce both based in the UK and internationally. There is a specific list of British Chambers of Commerce in Latin America.

World Pharmaceuticals contains an extensive list of market resources and links to Latin America relating to the pharmaceutical industry.

South America Business Directory invites businesses from across the region to upload their details, and is a free portal to help viewers get in contact with relevant enterprises.

Latin Trade is a magazine focusing on trade and economics in South America, and also organises frequent business conferences and expos for those interested in investing in the region.