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Latin Link Recommends: Think Latin America Event

A Shot of Guinness with Salt and Lime, Please?

Think Latin America is back! Encouraged by the excellent reception of last year’s meeting in Seattle, we are looking forward to our next gathering. So save the date for the next Think Latin America event: April 17-18, 2013.

Organized by Ccaps and SpeakLatam with the unending support from the Centre for Next Generation Localization (CNGL), Think Latin America is coming to Europe this season. Following the tradition of selecting exquisite and unique locations, the event will take place in a beautifully restored historic mansion in the heart of Ireland, just 20 minutes outside of Dublin.

The Think Latin America program, which aims at taking the world on a tour to Latin America, indulges you into interactive presentations and exciting panel discussions. Irrespective of its being organized by language industry leaders, Think Latin America will focus on practices, strategies and cases beyond and above translation to meet the needs of our varied audience. As an entrepreneur and knowledge-seeker, you will gain all you need to enter, sustain, grow, and capture the Latin American market.

Let us meet over a two-day event to sit back, listen, learn, brainstorm, and include that extra spice into our business processes.

Equally excited, equally responsible!

No doubt, the momentum of the three previous editions created magical excitement and positive energies all over. And with it came a deep sense of responsibility. Responsibility to touch base with new sizzling topics and to cover and cater to cross-industry professionals while introducing amazing statistics, case stories and technological advancements – content that lead to growth and development.


Some of the topics planned for this year’s program include:

  1. What does Latin America have to offer in terms of infrastructure, resources and technology development? Success stories included.
  2. Imports and exports. How attractive is the trade balance between Latin America and Ireland – or even Europe?
  3. Digital entrepreneurship is blooming in Latin America: Any opportunities for foreign investment?
  4. Green IT, sustainable architecture and clean energy: A whole new environment opens up in Latin America.
  5. On the move: Latin Americans go mobile and no one stops them now.
  6. It’s the economy, stupid: What schools and government are doing to prepare students for the skill sets they will need to succeed.


Think Tank

Advisory board members from Microsoft, PayPal and more are talking to some of the greatest minds in the industry and beyond to have them lead the discussions and share their stories with the most exclusive, exciting (and excited!) audience in global events covering regional aspects. We are talking about Latin America, after all…

Check out the Think Latin America Dublin hotsite at and the website for information on registration.