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Translation Industry Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning Further Information
ATA American Translators Association A professional association founded to advance and foster the development of translators, interpreters and the industry.
.bak Trados backup file This contains both the source and target text in a translation.
CAT Computer-Assisted Translation The CAT tool has since been replaced by the abbreviation TEnT (see below)
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Companies which take responsibility for the impact they have on society.
CV Curriculum Vitae Commonly referred to as a person’s resume.
DP Data Processing Manipulation of data by a computer and the conversion of raw data to a machine-readable format.
EOB End of Business Unless specified this is the hour at which a business working day finishes. It is universally considered to be 5 or 6PM.
EOD End of Day EOB and EOD are often interchangeable.
ELIA European Language Industry Association A professional association, bringing together European professional translation, localization and interpreting companies.
ELL English Language Learner Refers to a person learning the English language in addition to their native language. See also LEP below.
ISP Internet Service Provider Company providing individuals and other businesses with access to the internet and related services.
ITI Institute of Translation and Interpreting The only dedicated professional translation and interpreting association in the United Kingdom.
LEP Limited English Proficiency Used in the United States to refer to a person who is not fluent in the English language or it is not their native tongue. Both LEP and ELL are used by the United States Office for Civil Rights.
LISA Localization Industry Standards Association Closing in 2011, LISA played a significant role in the translation of computer software into multiple languages.
LSP Language Service Provider Considered to be a freelance translator or professional human translation agency.
MT Machine Translation Translation carried out by a computer.
OCR Optical Character Recognition OCRing is the verb used for talking about scanning a document in ABBYY FineReader before creating a usable file in Word that can then be translated using Trados.
PEMT Post-Editing Machine Translation The process of post-editing and improving a machine generated translation that requires a minimum of manual labour.
PM Project Manager In overall charge of the planning and execution of a translation or interpretation project.
PO Purchase Order The Project Manager will issue a purchase order for each translation job.
QA Quality Assurance The key component of a translation management system and its ability to deliver a high level of quality in translations and interpretations.
SL Source Language The original language which is to be translated or interpreted into another language.
SOB Start of Business This refers to the time when the Project Manager begins their work day and is expecting to receive a finished translation.
TBX TermBase eXchange An international standard that defines an Extensible Mark-up Language (XML – see below) format for the exchange of terminology data.
TEP Translation Editing Proofreading An acronym used for the three-steps of the translation process.
TEnT Translation Environment Tool The German-American translator, Jost Oliver Zetzsche coined the term for computer-assisted translation tools.
T&I Translation & Interpreting
TL Target Language The language into which a text, document or speech is translation or interpreted.
TM Translation Memory Database that stores segments of sentences and paragraphs that have been previously translated in order to aid professional human translators.
TMX Translation Memory Exchange Format Enables the interchange of translation memories between different translation suppliers.
XML Extensible Mark-up Language Defines a set of rules for encoding documents in both a human and machine-readable format.
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get An acronym used in computing to describe a system where the content displayed during the editing process appears to be similar to the final output.