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Portuguese (Brazil)

Brazil is the largest and fastest growing economy in Latin America and is now the sixth largest economy in the world. As a member of the BRIC bloc of nations, and thanks to policies that have promoted in recent years sustained growth, transparency and the lifting of millions out of poverty and into Latin America’s largest middle class, the average Brazilian business and consumer is wealthier than ever before. The growing influence of Brazil’s economy means that it is ever more important that you reach your target audience first time round, expert translation can give you the edge in Brazil’s competitive marketplace.

Brazilian Portuguese varies enormously when compared to European Portuguese, which is notoriously badly received in the South American nation. Furthermore, the Portuguese from Brazil is considered the standard for conducting international business in the language and is much more widely used. By 2050 there will be 335 million Portuguese speakers, 280 million of which will be familiar only with Brazilian Portuguese. The translation services provided by Latin Link reflect this trend, and aim to provide the best services possible for those doing business in this huge and rapidly expanding market.

We have a group of experts based in Brazil who can provide localized, accurate and relevant Brazilian Portuguese translations. Our team is able to target any region of Brazil, incorporating cultural and idiomatic variances into our translations.


1. Our native speakers can provide complete regional synchronization

2. Years of understanding grammar and idiomatic differences

3. Fast response times and guaranteed accuracy


Our team of qualified scientific experts and translators will be able to understand your scientific documents and produce an accurate representation in Brazilian Portuguese. If you are conducting clinical trials in Brazil, hoping to launch an new aesthetic treatment for the growing cosmetic market or are looking to publish in a Brazilian scientific journal please get in touch with our team.


Although Portuguese, like Spanish, originated on the Iberian peninsula, the language has been superseded by the Brazilian dialect which is now used as standard for most international dealings and translations. The reason for this is clear; with a population of 180 million, and a richness of natural resources, the Brazilian market is one of the biggest in the world – think how United States English is more widely spoken than British, and you can see the parallel.

The services offered by Latin Link reflect this dominance in international business. We maintain a group of experts in Brazil that are highly trained in translation, making sure that texts are suitable for the widest audience possible.

Regional localisations are also possible. In such a large, diverse country the language varies from state to state, and if a more concentrated approach is necessary we will locate the most suitable expert to ensure your message gets across where you need it.


As part of your translation requirements you may need to communicate a message that may not be culturally relevant to the intended target region. Language represents more than just the words on a page, the choice of words reflect an entire culture and attitude, and a failure to pick up on this can result in a stunted, unnatural translation. With our Brazilian based professional localization service your message will be sensitively adjusted for regional and cultural variances. If you have a website, brochure or poster that needs translation into Portuguese for its messages to maintain its cultural relevance a good localization service is essential.

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