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Grow Your Business With Professional Translation Services

As borders are broken down through the common language of technology, your business is now a local business no matter where you are based in relation to your customer. Although technology has enabled you to reach these new clients, you may find that you are faced with a problem that you have previously not encountered. Whereas, your business processes, operations and activities have been managed in English or any other single language, you may now find yourself staring blankly in the face of a whole new client base and culture.

Within your business, you may be lucky enough to have bilingual or even multilingual employees, which is great to start off with as you give them the task of replying to basic enquiries and phone calls. However, this is not a sustainable use of resources because as your business grows within the foreign-speaking country, so will the demands, questions and problems that this employee will have to deal with whilst trying to stay on top of their own everyday tasks.

The Importance Of Professional Translation

Although translation services are one of the oldest professions in the world, many bilingual people do not understand the skills; have not had the correct training or have not been provided with the correct tools in order to carry out successful and professional translations. Due to a rise in the popularity of free online translation tools, businesses are beginning to lose out on customers due to the poor level of translation provided by free, automatic translation tools.

Translation is a complex process and the level of the output of translated material relies on the education and experience of the person translating. In order to understand the complexity and importance of translation, here is a closer look into what goes on when Latin Link is approached by a client for a translation.

Translation Process

Due to the technical and industry-specific language where attention to detail and accuracy are of utmost importance, it is vital that the person translating has had some form of experience within that field. That is why the Latin Link team is comprised of translators who have gained a minimum of four years experience within that particular industry. Having knowledge in a specific field or industry further increases the accuracy and legibility of the translations produced with translators working with what they understand and their knowledge area.

Once the client’s document has been broken down into manageable segments by translation software, a translation professional experienced, trained and with industry-specific knowledge begins to translate the document. During this process, a second specialist begins to analyse the text ensuring that it is free from errors, consistent throughout the material, and that the flow of the text is improved. The results of this careful translation process are then given back to the translating professional in the form of feedback in order to guarantee continued personal improvement and development.

Finally, the translation is built back up to the format and requirements of the client, making sure that the original design is maintained. Before the translated material is sent back to the client, a third translation specialist or the original translating professional will verify the document guaranteeing the high-level of work.

How Professional Translations Can Help Your Business

Even though it may be easier to put your business’s documents into online free translation sites, the services provided by a reliable translation agency are priceless. Not only does it ensure the professional integrity of your international business but it gives you peace of mind that the translated material produced will have the same effect as the original text. With the importance of quality content deciding the success and positioning within online search engines, a professionally translated text can help your business to grow quicker and further afield. This will result in you reaping the benefits of having a multilingual website, legal documents and marketing material of the highest quality.

As the developing nations of tomorrow begin to emerge, such as Colombia and Brazil, new windows of opportunity will be greeting you and your business. It is therefore vital that you and your business are ready in order to guarantee the growth and future of your business. Professional translation services can help you to secure the growth, longevity and future of your business.