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International Translation Day

Last Monday, the 30th September was not only significant as it was the last day of September and the beginning of this week but more importantly it was International Translation Day. Every year on the 30th September, on the feast of Saint Jerome who as a Bible translator is considered to be the patron saint of translators. However, translators around the world no matter what their religion, join together to celebrate this special day in the translation industry.


The Birth Of International Translation Day

The International Federation of Translators (FIT) has promoted the tireless work and effort of translators around the world since its inauguration in 1953.  The FIT is a worldwide grouping of associations of translators, interpreters and terminologists and has operational relations with UNESCO. With more than 100 affiliated professional associations, representing over 80,000 translators in more than 55 countries the Federation promotes professionalism and seeks to improve translation conditions in all countries, supporting the rights of translators and the freedom of speech.

In 1991 the FIT launched International Translation Day to show solidarity to the worldwide translation community and in an effort to promote translation in different countries. In the era of globalisation, especially as can be seen recently in Latin America, the need for professional and quality translation services is more important than ever before. Coupled with a less than perfect worldwide economic environment, companies need to be able to rely on translators to aid them enter and succeed in foreign markets. The theme for this year’s International Translation Day was, ‘Beyond Linguistic Barriers – A United World’ which is extremely apt considering the current economic climate and rise in trade or operations between foreign companies and host populations.

The Value And Importance Of Professional Translators

With the rise of Latin American economies, there is an enormous language and cultural gap between these nations and the United States, which is one of the biggest investors in the region. Professional translators such as, Latin Link, work on a daily basis to bridge these gaps, aiding seamless communication across cultures and continents. Faced with fluctuating market conditions, new developments in technology that add new definitions to languages around the world, translators make the world a smaller place and encourage cross-border business.

The professional translators at Latin Link passionately work to produce vital drug package leaflets, patient education translations, medical brochures, marketing material and more that are then used to provide essential medical information to patients within new markets. In a world where borders have been broken down through the rise and development of technology website translation has also grown in importance. Businesses have found that their client is no longer within the local or national vicinity but their customer base is now worldwide. Latin Link’s professional mother-tongue translators can help localise and translate website content making sure that your website is culturally relevant to the market your business will be entering.

In a world without translators, businesses would find building a unique image and brand represented uniformly throughout their cross-country operations near impossible. Professional translators break down the gap between cultures, get rid of the language barrier and overall help the world’s economy function efficiently. In a world where the translation industry is becoming increasingly digitalised, it is important that your business supports professional translators who are able to analyse the new market and provide an accurate and relevant translation applicable to the country and culture.