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Spanish Translation Is Not So Simple

As Latin America continues to grow and enjoy this period of development and success, international investors are looking to get in early in order to catch this wave at its strongest. Having translated your primary documents into Spanish, you feel assured that you are halfway on the road to success and breaking into this new market. However, your website or business product might not be as successful as you had first hoped due to the simple matter of your Spanish translation getting lost in translation.


Variations Of Spanish

Although a large proportion of the world’s population believes that there is a one-size-fits all Spanish for all occasions, populations and markets this is in fact not the case. Spain for instance has its own brand of Spanish which is different from the Spanish spoken in Latin American countries. Many examples of this difference in use of terminology such as using the word ‘email’ or ‘e-mail’ in Latin America instead of the more literal translation widely used throughout Spain of ‘correo electrónico’ . In recently adopted technical terms, the differences are more obvious with Latin Americans speaking about ‘la computadora’ whilst Spaniards refer to it as ‘el ordenador’. In both instances, the two words would sound ‘foreign’ in the region where it is not used. The Spanish found across North, Central and South America with Latin American Spanish being spoken in a variety of dialects is mainly determined by that country’s geographical location. Some dialects of Spanish found within these regions are: Bolivian Spanish, Caribbean Spanish, Central American Spanish, Andean Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Colombian Spanish, Ecuadorian Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Northern Mexican Spanish, Paraguayan Spanish, Peruvian Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, River Plate Spanish and many more. It is therefore unsurprising that words, meanings and indeed brand identity can get lost in translation.

Challenges And Needs Of Spanish Translation

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with more than 35% of America’s population currently made up by Hispanic citizens. Reaching Latin American speaking markets with the right wording is therefore becoming increasingly vital in terms of understanding the market, its culture and attracting new clients. The key to overcoming the language and cultural balance is working with a translator who is a native speaker of the language you are translating in. Furthermore, by collaborating with native speakers your message and more importantly the message of your business will be communicated in a more effective and meaningful way to your target audience. The advantage of having a professional translation service such as Latin Link is their ability to be able to provide native speaker translations and the personal tailoring of your documentation. English language documents that are translated into Spanish can be up to 15-20% longer meaning that the refining of the document is necessary to make it relevant and function just as well as your English document.

How Latin Link Can Help

With Latin Link’s experience in professional translation services, your company can preserve its brand and message in the eyes of a Spanish-speaking audience, thus creating clear opportunities for the growth of your business. The Latin Link process begins with your documents being translated by a specialist in the knowledge area relevant to your business and its industry. The unique advantage is that they are then proofread by a native Latin American speaker meaning that you not only receive grammatically perfect translations but translations that have been specifically stylized to the market, an essential part of getting ahead of your competition. As Latin Link has focused on the Americas, the company has developed a unique understanding of both colloquial and technical language resulting in flowing and non-mechanical sounding sentences that less specialized and larger companies aren’t able to produce.

In order to expand your business operations abroad and ensure the future growth into newer markets, the need of a professional translation service is as important as ever. Whether for online marketing documentation, website translationor legal purposes, the increase in cross-continent activity is sure to bring the challenge of a language barrier to your doorstep sooner rather than later. As seen above with Spanish translation, there are some hidden or otherwise unknown aspects to the translation world that if dealt with by a profession human translation company, such as Latin Link, could save your business time, money and ensure the future growth of your business.