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Translation Process

The Translation Process

Latin Link has developed translation processes and long standing working relationships with translation professionals that allows for us to maintain translation quality at the human level, whist taking advantage of computer assisted technology where possible.

Initially your document will be processed by our translation software, analysed and broken down into manageable translation segments for a carefully selected translation professional to translate in accordance with our existing glossaries and established translation style.

Whilst still broken into segments a second specialist will review the text, ensuring consistency and that the text is free from error and ensuring that the flow of the text is also improved. The results are given as feedback to the translator so that each member of the team can learn and improve with each task.

  • Quality
  • Experienced
  • Punctual
  • Specialised

Translation Results

In the final stage the translation is built back into the exact format that you require, with all the original formatting maintained. A third linguist or the original translator will then verify that the document is ready for use and delivery.

We are proud of our team and established processes and hope that you can see for yourselves the results that we produce for our clients time and time again.

Translation For Latin America And Brazil

Latin Link has built its team and reputation around providing outstanding scientific translation services in our core languages Spanish, English and Portuguese to scientific and medical clients.

Experts In Spanish, English And Portuguese

We are experts in rendering translation services to Latin America and Brazil and also back into English. We work with large Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies looking to access the region by localizing their communications.

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